Our Medical Complex Care Program is for those patients who require acute hospitalization for an extended period of time, with intensive specialized therapies and nursing care. These patients may be stable but, have a catastrophic injury or illness, multi-system problems, require cardiac monitoring, require intravenous nutritional support, and/or long-term antibiotic therapies.

Patients appropriate for admission to Plaza Specialty Hospital may include those with the following diagnoses:

  • Infectious Diseases – HIV/AIDS, Sepsis, VRE & MRSA infections
  • Cardiac Diseases
  • CHF
  • Renal Failure & Dialysis
  • Multi-system Complications
  • Uncontrolled/complicated Diabetes
  • TPN & Nutritional Management
  • Post-surgical Management
  • Vascular Diseases
  • Cardiac monitoring & Telemetry
  • Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy
  • Long-term Antibiotic Therapies
  • Chronic Pain Management

    For more information, please call (713) 285 –1043